Wong Chiow San PhD, FIPM, FMSA,CPhys & MInstP (UK)


Plasma Research Laboratory 
Physics Department 
University of Malaya




       Plasma physics

       Pulsed radiation sources and their applications

       Plasma systems for material processing and surface treatment

       Atmospheric discharges


     Current research interests :


       Pulsed plasma radiation sources – neutron, x-ray, EUV/VUV
(including plasma focus, vacuum spark, flash x-ray tubes, pulsed capillary discharge)

       Plasma sources for material processing / surface treatment

       Dielectric barrier discharge (Plasma ozonizer, chemical synthesizer)


Teaching :


       Plasma Teaching Laboratory

       First year course : SMES1202


       Courses developed :
    Gas Discharge Physics (Year 2&3 BSc, SMES2405)
    Plasma Technology (Year 3 BSc, SMES3323)
    Plasma Physics & Technology Package (MSc Applied Phys, SMGS6344 & SMGS6414)

       Experiments developed :
Mechanical shock tube
Plasma spectroscopy
Flash X-ray experiments

For further information, comments or suggestions, please contact: cswong@um.edu.my