Postgraduate Projects (PhD)

Pulsed Neutron and Deuterium Beam Source

Fractal Analysis of Light Scattering Intensity Fluctuation in Dusty Plasma

Simulation and Experimental Study of Radio Frequency Discharge

Development of Plasma Sources for Next Generation Lithography (NGL)

Radiation Measurement of Plasma Focus

Development of Pulse Plasma Devices as Ion Beam Sources for Application in Material Processing


Postgraduate Projects (MSc)

Study of Particle Dynamics in Dusty Plasma System Using Stochastic Model

Characterization of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Jet for Surface Treatment

Development of Pulsed Plasma Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Sources for Nano Lithography


Undergraduate Teaching (Applied Physics Laboratoty)

Pulsed Electronics

Gas Dynamic Experiment

Flash X-ray Experiment

Plasma Emission Spectroscopy


Short term attachment and training program

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