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Volume 35-36     Number 1-15    2014

On structural classification of elementary particles within vacuum medium mechanics
Jaroslaw Kaczmarek, Jurnal Fizik Malaysia 35, 1 (2014).

In this paper one introduces structural classification of elementary particles which is based on vacuum medium mechanics. Two levels of description with respect to scale of averaging applied in modelling are discussed. Within larger scale electron, positron and neutrina are considered as the most elementary particles. All remaining particles are composed of the most elementary ones. Within smaller scale description having rather low status at this moment two opposite magnetic monopoles are the most elementary particles. They create internal structures of electron, positron and neutrina. Network of monopole-antimonopole pairs creates stable vacuum medium.

Finding Casimir Force Klein-Gordon Field by Using Energy - Momentum Tensor
Askari Mohammad Bagher, Jurnal Fizik Malaysia 35, 2 (2014).

In the present article we investigate Casimir force for field Klein-Gordon by using energy-momentum tensor that blades are considered nonpenetration.Eigefunction was found by using border condition and solution of Klein-Gordon field Eventually by finding expectation value energy momentum Tensor inside and outside of blades that the difference between these amounts is Casimir force