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Radio Cosmology Research Laboratory

The Radio Laboratory for Radio Astronomy is located inside the Electronics Laboratory at the Physics Department, Science Faculty, University of Malaya. The lab was founded by Dr Zamri Zainal Abidin and Prof Dr Zainol Abidin Ibrahim in 2005 and is the first and, currently, the only radio astronomical laboratory facility in Malaysia. The 'Radio Lab', as it was called then, is now officially a research group in University of Malaya under the Advanced Fundamental Research (AFR) Cluster under the name Radio Cosmology Research Laboratory. The Radio Lab provides facilities such as a Faraday-caged lab, a 3-meter radio spectrometer, a 2.3-meter research grade Hydrogen spectral line radio telescope system and a radio frequency interference (RFI) monitoring system, which include 2-GHz and 3-GHz spectrum analyzers. We also have a basic radio solar monitoring system. A 'Classroom Radio Telescope' is also an instrument that we recently set up for school-level educational purposes.

    Available position:
    Research Fellow
    - Mininum requirement;
     5 publications in ISI Web of Knowledge in the last 5 years
    Please contact us for inquiries

    Radio Cosmology Research Group,
    Electronics Lab,
    Physics Department,
    Science Faculty
    University of Malaya
    50603 Kuala Lumpur

    Phone No: (+60)03-79674299
    Fax No: (+60)03-79674146
    Lead Researcher's email: zzaa@um.edu.my
    Webmaster's email: norsuzian@siswa.um.edu.my

    Latest Update: 6 December 2012

2.3-meter continuum radio telescope located in INSTUN, Perak